This cool beer dispenser fills glasses from the bottom

The Bottoms Up beer dispenser may be the perfect excuse to order another drink. As if you needed one.

Bottoms Up promises to revolutionize the way beer is served by filling glasses from the bottom. It literally flips bartending upside down. It’s probably the coolest bartending move since Tom Cruise was juggling liquor bottles in “Cocktail.”

And it’s really fun to watch. Check out the video below to see this nifty device in action.

How is that possible? It’s actually pretty simple.

Bottoms Up hooks up to any standard beer keg and uses unique cups to work its magic. There’s a hole in the bottom of each cup surrounded by a metal ring. The cup snaps into the Bottoms Up dispenser, which fills it with beer and automatically stops pouring at a pre-programmed amount. The final secret is a flat, circular magnet that seals the cup’s hole when the bartender lifts it.

The makers of Bottoms Up say it can pour up to 44 glasses per minute with a single bartender. On its website, the company claims its device can save bar owners money by leading to less wasted beer from bad pours and excess foam. Bottoms Up also promises to raise revenues by 30 percent for its users.

“There is no downside to it,” Joe Carter, director of food and beverage at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas, told The Post Game. Sam Boyd Stadium is one of several sports venues currently using the Bottoms Up system.

But those savings could come with higher costs. For example, a typical single-keg dispenser costs about $1,500, while a Bottoms Up single-keg dispenser costs $4,000. Also, the system uses special cups, glasses and pitchers that are only made by Bottoms Up.

The company says bars and other venues can also print their own ads onto the magnets, which creates another revenue stream because drinkers can take the magnets home as souveniers of their night out.

If you haven’t seen the Bottoms Up system in person yet, it’s probably coming to a bar near you. Among the popular venues already using it are Ohio State University’s Value City Arena, Pittsburgh’s PNC Park, Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium and Walt Disney World’s Dolphin Hotel.

Here’s a map of all the places currently using the Bottoms Up beer dispenser.

And if you want to use this beer-pouring technology in your own home, you’re in luck. In addition to their commercial products, Bottoms Up also sells a line of dispensers for home use. But those perfectly poured beers will cost you. The Bottoms Up “kegerator” is on sale for $1,299. Or you can get the portable party cooler (shown below) for $910.

Bottoms Up