A Boy Fell For A Girl At Age 9, And 85 Years Later They Are Still Together

Thomas Howard first caught sight of his future wife while visiting her brother. Thomas had recently moved in four doors down, and the two boys had become pals. Soon, Thomas reports, he started visiting to see Irene instead of her brother.

”I was only about nine then and when I first saw Irene I thought ‘what a lovely girl’, she’s going to be my girl this one and my fondness for her grew since then,” Thomas told The Daily Mirror. While the two became good friends back in 1931, they later dated and married in 1945 after Thomas returned from serving in the British military during World War II. The couple say that was one of the few times they’ve been apart from each other.

Thomas and Irene Howard celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary last year. The British couple shared their story in the touching video below.

So what’s been the secret to the couple’s long-lasting marriage?

“Throughout our lives together we have only shown each other respect and good manners, and I think of lot of youngsters could learn a lot from that,” Thomas said.

Also, Thomas makes breakfast for Irene every morning. So there it is: The power of showing respect and feeding the ones we love!