A Boy Thought He’d Get In Trouble For Making A Mess—So He Framed His Elf On The Shelf

Most parents have a love-hate relationship with Elf on The Shelf. While they enjoy the happiness and excitement that the Elf gives their little ones, they also hate having to come up with clever new ideas for the Elf’s antics every night.

For those who aren’t familiar with this holiday phenomenon, here’s how it works: Each year between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, Santa sends out an Elf to every child’s home in order to keep an eye on him or her and make sure they are being good. Every night, parents move the Elf to a new location in their house, and they often pose him doing funny things and causing mischief. The kids might wake up to find the Elf hanging upside down from a light fixture or munching on a bag of popcorn, for instance.

elf on the shelf photo
Flickr | mbaylor

Well, now parents might reconsider the mischief they allow the Elf to get into. Mom Lynn Heinrich decided to pose her family’s Elf in the bathroom with a big shaving cream mess. But her oh-so-smart idea backfired in a BIG way. The idea was that her son, Mile,s would walk into the bathroom, see the shaving cream all around the mirror and sink, and then look down and see the Elf holding the shaving cream can, along with a note that said, “Miles did it.”

Funny, right? Well, wait until you see what actually happened.

The prank didn’t quite go according to plan. Miles did indeed walk into the bathroom and see the Elf’s sign accusing him of making the mess. But rather than laugh at the Elf and his attempt to get him in trouble, the little boy panicked! He grabbed a Sharpie and started drawing all over the wall, then removed the original note from the Elf, and replaced it with a note that read: “You are ugly Lynn.”


Too funny! Miles was so afraid that the Elf was going to get him into trouble that he went to great lengths to “frame” him for the crime and make it seem as though the Elf was the real troublemaker. Which, in a way, he kind of was! And now, poor mom Heinrich has to repaint her bathroom walls. Sigh, maybe Elf on the Shelf is too much work after all.