Boy Leaves Cooler Full Of Drinks Out For His Mailman On A Hot Day


There’s nothing quite like a nice cold drink of water on a hot day. And this little boy just gets it. He and his mailman are friends, and to treat the mailman to something a little extra special, he left a cooler full of water and Gatorade outside.

According to Carmine McDaniel’s mother, Terra McDaniel, he came up with the idea of leaving a cooler out as soon as he saw the temperatures for the day on the weather report.

This isn’t the first time he’s given his mailman friend, Henry Bailey, a drink before, but it is the first time he decided to keep them on ice. That way, Bailey could enjoy a drink even if the family was not at home when he delivered the mail.

Isn’t it refreshing (get it?) and heart-warming to see something so nice? Something as simple as a cold drink on a hot day can mean the world to someone. It’s touching to see gestures like this still taking place.

McDaniel’s mom caught the mailman’s reaction through their home security cameras, and shared it on Facebook. As you can see, his reaction is one of pure gratitude.

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“I hope people will learn from watching the reaction of the mailman how something so small can mean so much to one person,” McDaniel told the Huffington Post.

I’m sure this made the mailman’s day, and definitely strengthened the friendship he already has with the boy. That’s what one kind act can do. And what a kind act it was, indeed.

[h/t: Huffington Post]

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