Teen Boy Mortified as Adults Dance Next to him on the Jumbotron

When you’re a teenager, everything your parents do is for grounds for embarrassment. If they start dancing at a sporting event and are caught on the Jumbotron? That’s next-level mortification.

That’s exactly what happened to a young man attending the San Diego Padres vs. San Francisco Giants baseball game at San Diego’s Petco Park on July 30. The teen seemed like he was just trying to enjoy the ball game when the two adults next to him β€”Β  presumably his parents β€”Β  started to groove to “Low” by Flo Rida. Of course, they attracted the attention of the Jumbotron, and luckily for us, another fan at the game, Rudy Rendon, captured the whole thing on video and posted it to Twitter:

Wow! You can almostΒ feel how badly the teen wants to disappear into his chair as the adults dance with wild abandon. Although it’s clear from his crossed arms and face growing redder by the second that he’s completely embarrassed, he also seems like he’s not able to suppress a bit of a smile. Even he would have to admit the whole thing is funny. And no one can deny that these two are really putting their all into the performance!

But the dancing adults weren’t quite done yet. When the song switched to “Cake By The Ocean” by DNCE, they were determined to keep embarrassing their son. He finally had to cover his eyes:

People on Twitter totally understood where this young man was coming from, like this user that surmised that this is likely the last time he will be seen out in public with these adults for some time:

Another user felt that the adults should get a little more credit for their fun antics:


Someone else felt that their dancing gave other parents something to aspire to:

Too funny! Remembering my own adolescence, I can totally feel this kid’s pain! Sometimes parents really just don’t understand.