Boy Offers To Mow Lawns To Buy School Supplies, Gets Big Surprise

What do you do when school is starting soon, and you don’t have any school supplies or the funds to buy them? If you’re 10-year-old Tyran Bell of Wilmington, North Carolina, you break out the lawn mower and get busy.

Bell’s family has been having financial difficulties, and so he decided to take matters into his own hands. His mom Tara Lewis helped him advertise his lawn-mowing services in a Facebook group:


Theresa Babb, owner of the local A1 Security Services business, took note. “Here’s a little boy that’s taking the rest of the summer and you can tell he’s concerned and he’s worried about his mom having to buy it and it just spoke to me,” said Babb to WWAY TV. “Such an amazing kid should have help.”


Babb decided to start a school supplies drive for Bell, using her business location as a drop-off point. Now Bell has more than enough for the entire school year. Other kids in need will also receive the supplies!


Speaking to WWAY, Bell’s mother said, “He came up with the idea like ‘Momma, I want to mow grass so I can pay for my school supplies and my school clothing.'”


“Not too many kids his age are willing to go out and make his own money, and they usually have their hand out wanting their momma to pay for everything, so I am very blessed because he’s very helpful and he’s a smart kid.”