Boy turns vacant lot into ‘Elfland’

Boy in Boston created 'Elfland'
CBS Boston

An 8-year-old in Somerville, Massachusetts, has turned a vacant lot into a special place for his community to enjoy. According to CBS Boston, the only catch is that you have to be tiny in size to fit.

The Boston Globe reports that Elfland has a lot to offer — a library, hospital and an ice-skating rink.

“Our son saw the elves and the elves asked for help making houses, and so we started building houses,” Elfland founder’s dad told the news outlets.

The vacant lot is now a colorful and quirky space that’s been bringing the family and others lots of joy.

According to the newspaper, the buildings began popping up in August, and when neighbors found out about it, they began secretly adding to it.

“We love the fact that other people are adding stuff and feel like this is something they can take part in too. It’s not just for our family, but it’s for the entire community to enjoy and add onto,” said Elfland founder’s mom. (The 8-year-old and his parents asked to remain anonymous to keep the mystery of Elfland alive.)

Also, when you search Elfland on google, it brings up a map of it.

By Sarah Dewberry, The Denver Channel.

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