Man proposes to girlfriend during game of ‘Speak Out’ and she has no clue what he’s saying

These days, it seems like everyone is trying to one-up each other when it comes to creative ways to propose. Involving friends and family is always fun, and popping the question on a romantic holiday like New Year’s Eve or Valentine’s Day is also a popular choice.

An Australian man’s decision to combine holiday theatrics with board games for his proposal to his longtime girlfriend resulted in a really sweet moment and a now-viral video.

The unidentified man decided to pop the question to his girlfriend of 13 years while playing a game during a New Year’s Eve celebration. While it’s not uncommon to get tongue-tied when someone is asking what might be the most important question of their life, this guy guaranteed that his words wouldn’t come out quite right because he asked his girlfriend to marry him while they were playing Speak Out.

That game challenges players to guess phrases while wearing a mouthpiece that won’t let them close their mouths as they talk. If you’ve ever watched “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” you’ve probably seen celebrities play the game with hilarious results.

At first, the man’s girlfriend doesn’t have a clue what he’s trying to say. But when he finally pulls out an engagement ring, she’s stunned and silent. Then he takes the mouthpiece out, showing her he’s serious, and she’s moved to tears. After crying and embracing several times, the new bride-to-be smiles and proudly shows off her ring to the other people in the room with them.

Check out the funny and heartwarming video below:

Using a game to pop the question isn’t a new idea but it seems to always result in a great viral moment. Like that guy who designed an amazing Monopoly game to propose or the two women who managed to propose to each other at the same time during a game of Pictionary!

What’s the best proposal story you’ve heard?