Brace Yourselves Because The ‘Frozen’ Ride At Disney World Is Now Open

Frozen,” one of Disney’s most successful animated films of all time, has just made summer in Florida much cooler (literally and figuratively).

Two brand-new Frozen experiences opened this week in Disney World’s Norway Pavilion of EPCOT: Frozen Ever After and Royal Sommerhus.

Frozen Ever After offers guests a boat tour through the magical land of Arendelle, where the film is set. During this tour, guests are transported to a “Summer Snow Day” celebration where Queen Elsa creates a “winter-in-summer” day for the entire kingdom. Afterwards, guests will travel to Troll Valley and up to icy North Mountain to the Ice Palace and finally return back to the Bay of Arendelle.

The wait time for this ride has been a steady 300 minutes. (That’s 5 hours, people!)

If you don’t feel like waiting in that line, you can watch it all with this ride-through video:

Another alternative to waiting for Frozen Ever After would be visiting Royal Sommerhus. There, you can personally meet Anna and Elsa at their new summer cabin and pose for a photo with the sisters.