Brach’s is releasing cookie-flavored candy corn for Halloween

Of all the sugary Halloween treats, candy corn is perhaps the most controversial. It’s got a fair share of fans, sure. According to a very informal CNN Facebook poll, about 75 percent of people said they like the striped mellowcreme treat.

But it’s got its hecklers, too, like stand-up comedian Lewis Black, who jokes that candy makers just collect and re-sell candy corn every year because nobody actually eats it. “All the candy corn that’s ever been made was made in 1911,” he quips.

But for Halloween 2017, this treat is pulling a trick. It’s dressed itself up in cookie flavors, including chocolate chip, oatmeal, cookies ‘n cream and butter cookie.

Props to TheJunkFoodAisle for spotting the cookie-candy corn mash-up at the Dollar General and introducing it to the social media world:

Staying true to polarized candy corn views, the enthusiasm is mixed. On team candy corn, one Instagram users posted: “necessity for girl’s weekend.” On the flip side, another posted: “These taste like straight up artifical [sic] flavor and alcohol based butter extract.”

(Quick aside: If you’re a junk food aficionado you’ll want to be following TheJunkFoodAisle Instagram account, because it’s a steady photo stream of the latest and greatest guilty pleasure foods, like bacon wrapped jalapeno popper potato chips, edible Oreo cookie dough and white pumpkin pie M&Ms.)

Want to give the cookie candy corn a try? Stores are starting to roll out all of their fall decor and pumpkin spice everything, so we’re sure you’ll see the Brach’s candy corn arrive soon, if it hasn’t already.

But if you can’t wait, we spotted the cookie candy corn being sold on Candy Warehouse. It’s $5 for a 15-ounce bag and the candy corn cookie flavors are mixed together in the bag.

Your next challenge, should you choose to accept it? Find which wine to pair with your Halloween candy. Or, you know, just eat your regular old candy corn as you usually do.


So, do you think this will win over some of the candy corn haters? Or just give those who already love the sugary triangles more reason to gobble it up?

[h/t: Today]