Some Very Brave Souls Are Watching “Jaws” While Floating In Water

Could you do it?

Duh…nuh. Duh….nuh. Dun nuh dun nuh dun nuh dun nuh—you know the rest, don’t you? With just that one word (repeated several times at an increasing tempo, of course) you know the exact movie being referenced—and you might have also felt your heart race for a second or two.

It’s iconic, and it’s terrifying. The 1975 horror classic “Jaws has definitely stood the test of time. People born long after the movie debuted can recognize the chilling theme music. Despite the movie’s dated filmmaking technology, viewers still find themselves becoming petrified at the realistic depictions of a shark attack—something only slightly more likely to happen than, say, moving into a house that’s haunted by an entire family of ghosts.

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And now, one movie theater is taking the “Jaws” movie-watching experience to a whole new level. The Alamo Drafthouse theater in Austin, Texas, is hosting exclusive “Jaws” viewings this summer that literally take place on waterYes, some apparently insane people are voluntarily watching “Jaws” while floating in a body of water. In the dark. 

You’ve may have seen Alamo Drafthouse in the news recently for another notorious screening they hosted: a women-only screening of “Wonder Woman.” But now, they’re really taking some risks. For a short time only—between June 30 and July 23, to be exact—The Alamo Drafthouse will offer showings of “Jaws” on Lake Travis, at the Volente Beach Water Park. Tickets include an inner-tube to lounge on in the lake (while also trying not to pee your pants as you repeatedly look over your should to check for sharks, even though you know they don’t live in lakes—that’s not relevant at a time like this!). 

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Of course, taking part in this experience will set you back a bit more than your average night at the movies, with tickets costing a cool $55. However, this price also includes the tube to sit on, as well as access to the all of water park’s thrilling rides.

While braving dark waters to see a movie about the dangers lurking just beneath its surface might not be for everyone, watching “Jaws” on the water certainly does provide the makings for a very  interesting evening for movie buffs. However, there are plenty of new movies to see this summer if you’d rather not immerse yourself in a meta screening of a horror movie (which is totally understandable). Nevertheless, this limited-time event is sure to be one exhilarating night out.

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