Breadcats Combine The Best Things Into One Toy

If you’re a cat-lover who’s convinced the animals can’t get any cuter—then you haven’t seen these yet.

Kitties and carbs are pretty much the greatest things in life, so when you combine the two— it’s a match made in heaven.

A Korean toy designer is making all of your dreams come true with her latest invention. Behold: The Breadcat. These are exactly what they sound like. Little toys that look like loaves of breads that also look like cats. How adorable?!

When cats sit covering up their paws, it’s hard to deny that they look exactly like furry loaves of bread, and that’s exactly what inspired these plush little toys in the first place.

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These figurines are also great for someone who loves cats, but doesn’t actually own one, just yet.

“I myself don’t have a because I am not ready. But I’d love to get a cat in two years. The Breadcat is for people like me who don’t have a cat but they would like to have one,” the designer, Rato Kim, wrote on Bored Panda.

According to Kim, there will be an entire storybook related to these Breadcat toys. So, you’ll be able to learn the backstory and fall even more in love with these little creatures.

Until then, let’s just stare at them, shall we?

They’re so perfect.

Even the packaging is just right.

I just want to take it home.

I promise to love it forever!

[h/t: Hello Giggles]