Last Living 9/11 Rescue Dog Gets Honored With Her Dream Day In NYC

Bretagne is the last known living search-and-rescue dog that helped during September 11th.


Along with her partner, Denise Corliss, they were members of Texas Task Force 1 and were deployed to the World Trade Center on September 11th.  Along with over 100 other amazing search and rescue teams, they helped save countless people trapped in the collapsed buildings.

A Celebration

After learning the story, BarkPost decided to honor Bretagne and Denise and flew them to NYC for a trip of their lifetime to thank them for their service and celebrate Bretagne’s 16th birthday. Thanks to the team at Barkpost, they had an amazing day.

[youtube id=”ezcHy8DkrmE”]

A Few Highlights

They went to the dog park


She received the dog equivalent of the key to the city.


And also got lots and lots of presents

Thanks to Denise and all the rescue workers who risked their life to help the victims of 9/11.