Brett Eldredge Singing To His Dog Is Absolutely Adorable

Country music star Brett Eldredge’s latest “music video” might be the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen.

It’d be hard to find a better example of BFFs than Eldredge and his dog, Edgar. Eldredge even sings his pup to sleep! And when you hear his lullaby of choice it really is going to make your day.

A video of Eldredge singing “You Are My Sunshine” to Edgar was posted to People magazine’s Facebook page, and it’s nothing short of adorable. Watch the clip below.

And if you just can’t get enough of this adorable pair, you’ll be happy to know that Eldredge sings to his dog quite often and posts about it on Instagram. The pooch is practically a star in his own right.

In fact, Edgar the dog—formally Edgar Boogie Eldredge—even has his own separate Instagram account, so you can keep up with what the pup does in his spare time, too. Spoiler alert: it involves lots of fun stuff with his dad including music sampling, doing tricks on stage and more.

As you can see below, he’s obviously a fan of his dad’s music—or how it tastes, at least.

When it comes to performing on stage, he’s a natural.

After a hard day’s work, it’s time for a bath … and a serenade of Eldredge’s own song “The Reason.”

The musician told Us Weekly he’d wanted a dog ever since he was a little boy. And when he went to Alabama to see a litter of Weimaraner and vizsla puppies that had just been born, he met his new best friend. “[Edgar] came up to me,” Eldredge said, “and changed my world from day one.”

Aww! And they’ve been making the cutest appearances online and onstage ever since! Fans love seeing the duo in action, too.

“Videos on #instagram are beyond precious,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

“I just love y’all and your relationship,” another fan chimed in, asking for more videos.

Others want someone who looks at them the way Eldredge looks at his pup. Can you blame them?

This pair has stolen hearts everywhere. There’s nothing like the bond between a person and their dog, after all. Keep the adorable videos coming, you two!