The bride and bridesmaids in this wedding carried ‘doughnut bouquets’

Being a bridesmaid is not always an easy job. There are the dresses that the bride swears you can totally wear again, but somehow always end up collecting dust in the back of your closet. There’s the copious amounts of money you have to spend on everything from the bachelorette to the shower to the big day itself. And let’s face it—some brides are not exactly gracious throughout the process.

Thankfully, the role of bridesmaid has changed in recent years, and lots of brides are eschewing stuffy, old traditions in favor of more modern, fun trends. Take, for example, the bouquet. Usually bridesmaids can be seen all holding identical bouquets of flowers. However, some brides have taken that practice and turned it on its head, opting to have their bridesmaids hold everything from puppies to lanterns in lieu of flowers. Check out the wedding party cradling their cuddly bouquets in the Instagram post below.

We think this latest twist on the bridesmaid bouquet takes the cake, though. Paige Burgess, a 23-year-old bride from Sydney, Australia, decided to give her bridesmaids bouquets made of something they could really sink their teeth into: doughnuts.

Yep, instead of carnations, roses or hydrangeas, Burgess’ three lucky bridesmaids got to walk down the aisle holding “bouquets” filled with the sinfully delicious sweet treats, decorated in ivory toppings to match the bride’s dress. Here’s a video from Instagram of the bride surprising her maids with the beautiful carb-laden bouquets.

“Me and my husband Steven thought it would be different, fun and light hearted,” Burgess explained to the BBC.

What’s perhaps more shocking than the couple’s decision to utilize the sugary snacks in their wedding is the fact they didn’t even indulge in them!

“We had plenty of goodies beforehand so we were too full too eat them,” Burgess said.

May the happy—and creative—couple have “sweet” life ahead of them!