This Bride Pranked Her Groom During Their ‘first Look’ And The Photos Are Hilarious

A couple’s “first look” on their wedding day is always a special moment. These days, instead of waiting until they meet at the altar to see each other for the first time on their big day, many couples opt to stage “first look” photos beforehand, and have the moment that they first see each other dressed in their wedding attire documented by a professional photographer.

One Indiana bride decided to put a hilarious spin on this modern tradition when she sent out the best man dressed as a bride in her stead. He carried a bouquet and everything! Check out the proof of the funny trick, posted to Facebook by the wedding photographer, Belinda Russell:

As you can see, the groom, Andrew Wright, had a good laugh when he realized that it was not his wife-to-be sneaking up behind him, but rather, his friend and best man, Kye Stachowski.

“It was really hard for me to pull off,” Russell told Fox News of staging the silly prank. “I of course not only had the urge to laugh, but the bride and groom had seen a few funny ‘first look’ images online before they came home to Indy from Germany.”

For his part, Stachowski was happy to be part of such a fun moment for his friends. However, there was one snag with his outfit.

“No one had high heels that fit, sadly,” he told Indy Star. “So I had slacks and dress shoes on underneath.”

He borrowed a bridal gown from matron of honor Malissa Duncan, and we have to say he pulled it off beautifully!

The bride explained she got the idea for the prank from a post she saw on Imgur, and when she told Stachowski, he was all in to help pull it off.

It looks like everyone had a lot of fun with the whole thing! What’s the funniest wedding day shenanigan you’ve seen?