This bride used an Ikea shopping bag to help her use the bathroom in her wedding dress

Ikea Hackers

Wearing a wedding dress is a wonderful experience until you have to answer the call of nature. At that point, some serious assistance is required if you don’t want the bottom of your pristine gown to come into contact with the restroom floor — or worse.

But not every bride wants to take her maid of honor with her every time she needs to use the bathroom. So how else do you keep the dress clean and out of harm’s way, and free up both hands?

One bride came up with a genius solution, which she shared on the Ikea Hackers blog. “I was really worried about going to the bathroom and not being able to… handle myself,” wrote the bride, whose name is Tina.

She ruled out the Bridal Buddy, a product that was featured on “Shark Tank” and is available to buy from Amazon for $29.95 to $34.95, as too “expensive just because it is wedding related.”

Tina’s bridal-bathroom-helper hack requires only two items: a pair of scissors and a Frakta shopping bag from Ikea, which costs $1.49.

Jules Yap, who runs the Ikea Hackers blog that shares IKEA hacks from all over the world, posted a picture of Tina’s awesome bridal hack on Instagram.

If you have one of the big blue Ikea bags at home (and have your wedding coming up, or any occasion that calls for a large, voluminous gown), give it a quick clean and then follow just a few simple steps to the ultimate bridal bathroom hack. In short, you cut a hole in the bottom of the bag, place the bag on the floor and step inside of the hole, then pull the bag up. Your dress will bunch inside of the bag as you slip your arms through the bag’s straps, bringing them to rest on your shoulders.

Tina offers important pointers for this hack, like, “The bag hole must be close to the bride’s body, so it is better to cut a smaller hole, then enlarge it if it is too small.”

When you step into the bag with your wedding dress on, the bottom of your dress will be contained by the bag, and with the straps on your shoulders, you get on with doing whatever you need to do in the bathroom, hands-free.

Tina has another top tip for brides. “I put a sign that read ‘bride only’ on one toilet door to have a private toilet,” she wrote. She left the bag in the bathroom, hanging from a coat hook, meaning it was always right where she needed it.

Anything that cuts down on wedding-day stress is a good thing, right?

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