Bridesmaid Jumpsuits Are Happening! (Plus 6 Other Wedding Fashion Trends We Love)

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This year’s bridal trends have given us so much to love. Moves have been made from tradition to high style and comfort. It must have something to do with the rising popularity of destination weddings—because the gorgeous bohemian gowns are perfect for the beach. Oh, and bridal rompers or wedding-day shorts? Yes, please! For you traditionalists out there, don’t worry—there are still plenty of lacy ball gowns to go around (even if there are shorts hidden underneath).

1. Floral Prints

Move past the exaggerated floral Easter dress image from your childhood days. Instead, think soft and understated. Although some of the prints come in more dramatic colors, the intention is not to distract from the beauty of the bride but rather to enhance the look with fresh natural tones.

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2. Bridesmaid Jumpsuits 

What is not to love about this concept? By dressing your maids in jumpsuits, they get comfort without giving up a flowy, feminine style. A low neckline and tighter waists give bridesmaids the curves without all the fuss. The suits even allow for a chunkier heal to be worn for those long walks to capture the perfect shot.

3. Bridal Shorts

From flowing silks to high-necked rompers, shorts are hitting the bridal line runways. If you’re not ready to give up the traditional Cinderella ball gown, why not try a ball skirt over shorts to wear down the aisle? Then you just pull off the skirt when you’re ready to dance (perfect for a reception on the beach!). Or, you may consider this option for a memorable send-off outfit or perhaps the rehearsal dinner.



4. Bridal Capes

If you have been following bridal fashion trends then you probably saw this one coming. It’s perfect timing, too, as we head into the cooler months. You may try a shorter poncho-style cape or a longer cloak-train. Either way, the cape will be a memorable piece of your wedding-day apparel.



5. Mix-and-Match Bridesmaid Dresses

This is another trend that keeps things simpler. No longer do brides have to listen to best friends bicker about colors and styles. Each bridesmaid can choose a fit that suits her body and now can choose the color and pattern of her wedding day apparel as well. We adore the idea of adding a pattern into the mix, but make sure to set some guidelines before sending your besties out shopping.

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6. Boho Dresses

They may lack the high style of traditional gowns, but there is something just so soft and simple about these modern-day hippie dresses. The new version adds abundant lacy feminine features that seem to drape the bride’s curves. Add the crop top movement, and you have set the stage for some beautifully, romantic weddings this year.

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7. Sheer Silhouettes

Not much will be left to the imagination in some of these trending sheer silhouettes. Plunging necklines and ultra low backs have remained, while new illusion panels are opening things up even more. The panels feature fine embroidery or detailed beading to cover, well, the parts you probably don’t want showing on your wedding day!

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