Brilliant DIY Project: Creating A Cheap Lego Table

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Legos are among many kids’ favorite toys, but gosh they are messy.

If Legos are a hit in your house, but you don’t enjoy stepping on them, you may consider building a Lego table. I found this idea over at Fussy Monkey Business and it’s a brilliant idea!

Using an old table and basket (materials that can be found at any second-hand store or yard sale), you too can create this awesome Lego table for hours and hours of enjoyment.

Basic Instructions

  • Cut a hole in the top of the table that matches the dimensions of your basket
  • Spray paint desired color
  • Cut and affix a Lego plate to the table

You can get the full instructions on the Fussy Monkey Business website.

There are some other great tutorials, like this one that uses a coffee table from Domestic Imperfection and this one from Through The Eyes Of The Mrs. that uses an old end table.

Looking for some other ways to add Lego decor to your home? Here are a few ideas.

A Lego Kitchen Utensil Holder

Add some pops of color to your kitchen decor by creating this fun utensil holder made entirely out of Lego bricks. It’s both fun and functional!

 A Lego Tissue Box

How cute would this tissue box be for a kid’s room or bathroom? And compared to some of the other Lego home decor projects we’ve seen, this one from One Artsy Mama seems fairy simple to create.

One Artsy Mama

Lego Backsplash

One company located in Essex, England, is all about Lego bricks, and they sell different types of home decor, accessories and other products made entirely of the little plastic bricks. You can find beautiful photos of the company’s handmade goods on the MonkiStuff Facebook page.

 A Lego Lamp

Artist Sean Kenney describes himself as a  “professional kid,” and has been building incredible creations out of Lego bricks for over a decade. From self portraits to functional lamps and installations, his portfolio is incredible. You can also purchase some of his work, such as the “Mercer Lamp” pictured below. It retails for $549.

Sean Kenney

A Lego Desk

One company in Pasadena, California, built the perfect receptionist desk, made entirely out of white and blue LEGO bricks.

Adam Builds/Tumblr

A Lego Coaster Set

Whether you want to try and make your own set of coasters or you’d rather just buy them, setting your drink down will become a little more fun.


A Lego Coffee Table

One woman took her basic, glass-top coffee table and added some pizzazz by placing a layer of Lego bricks under the glass for a colorful and festive piece of home decor.

IKEA Hackers

A “Brooklyn Bridge” Lego Napkin Holder

It’s already a pretty neat idea that someone built a napkin holder out of Lego bricks, but what’s even more amazing is that the design resembles the Brooklyn Bridge.

Lenore Edman/ Flickr

Next time you step on a Lego, just remember how that little piece of plastic can be part of something truly spectacular.