6 Genius Outdoor Summer Ideas For Kids

Warmer weather is coming, and with all the awesomeness of vacation come the inevitable “I’m bored” whines. Create endless spring and summer fun with these six brilliant DIY projects you can do with the kids.

1. Constellation Flashlight

Put the thrill of space right into your kiddos hands, with these DIY Constellation Flashlights.

Constellation Flashlight

2. Squirt Gun Painting

Getting messy is part of summer, and this feels like the kind of activity we’d do in our bathing suits and have a good hose down after.  If your kids love art and water guns this is a must do.

Squirt Gun Painting
Fireflies and Mudpies

3. Gutter Canal

You don’t need a fancy water table to make a splash with your kids.  Try this trick using a piece of gutter and create an awesome water way for toy boats.  Just be sure to protect wee ones from any sharp edges.

Gutter Water Fun
Crafty Morning

4. Shaving Cream Twister

Twister is already a hit, but add shaving cream to the mix and this feels like an instant party – good clean, messy fun.

Shaving Cream Twister
Frugal Coupon Living

5. Bookshelf Sandbox

Re-purpose an old bookshelf and make your own sandbox.


6. Yard Yahtzee

Just like Yahtzee – only bigger, more colorful and suitable for your yard.  Also, this project only costs $5.

Yard Yahtzee