This Brilliant Suitcase Turns Into Shelves Right Before Your Eyes

If you’ve ever wished your suitcase could just unpack itself, your life is about to change. Say hello to the ShelfPack: a suitcase that turns into shelves, keeping your clothes organized and neat while you travel—and freeing up your time to relax on the beach (or get to a business meeting).

The ShelfPack is the brainchild of software engineer Ken McKaba, who thought it up during a long business trip. Sick of digging through his suitcase for clothes every day, he came up with the idea of a suitcase that could convert into shelves.

He started building and testing prototypes, taking apart old luggage and sewing new shelves to find the perfect design. McKaba introduced the ShelfPack at the 2015 International Travel Goods Show in Las Vegas. It ended up winning the crowdsourced Buzz Award for best new product.

The ShelfPack suitcase has four built-in shelves attached to a sturdy retractable frame. When fully extended, the shelves stand 42 inches high, leaving plenty of room for clothes, shoes, accessories or whatever else you have stashed in your suitcase. Just open the shelves for an instantly organized dresser, then collapse them when you’re ready to go—no extra folding required! The rolling suitcase also has three exterior pocket compartments and a retractable trolley handle for easy transit.


So far, the suitcase has been a big hit with the frequent-flyer crowd. Travel + Leisure described the ShelfPack as a “genius suitcase” and a “game changer.” Gizmodo has called it the “perfect suitcase.”

There’s one potential downside for extra-light travelers: The suitcase is slightly too big to carry on to most flights. Airlines typically limit carry-on luggage to 24 inches, and the ShelfPack is 28 inches long, including the wheels.

Still, the time you’ll save from not having to pack, unpack or dig through rumpled layers of clothing to find that matching sock is well worth a few extra minutes waiting at baggage claim, right?

The ShelfPack retails for $349. Learn more about this dream-come-true suitcase in the video below.