Brothers Pull Epic Zombie Prank On Their Sister After Her Wisdom Teeth Surgery

This isn’t exactly the kind of thing you expect to happen right after having your wisdom teeth taken out. I’m sure this sister would have much preferred to come home and get some rest and eating her fair share of ice cream for dinner.

But, when you’ve got brothers— it’s not always that easy. These two brothers pranked their sister, Millicent, while she was under the influence of after-surgery pain killers. They convinced her that there was a zombie apocalypse and the only way to be safe was to head to Mexico.

They staged a Center for Disease Control Center announcement, and even their mom was in on the prank. So, it’s safe to say they pulled out all of the stops.

Millicent proved she’d be a great partner if there were to be an apocalypse because she knew exactly what they needed to do.

She needed a knife to ward off any zombies. She made the decision to take the cat over the dog since they could only take one pet along with them, and even the toughest choice of all— chocolate cake or funfetti— was no match for her. Take the funfetti, duh!

She was even a good sport once she found out the prank wasn’t real. She stayed calm while her brothers had a laugh, and I must say, she’s a pro at handling even the most intense situations. And that was after having her wisdom teeth pulled out.

I’m sure her brothers are no match for her on a good day! Told you it was a good one.

[h/t: USA Today]