Bruno Mars and Cardi B’s new ‘Finesse’ music video is a total ’90s throwback

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Bruno Mars and Cardi B just about broke the internet with the music video for their surprise collab song, “Finesse.” The ’90s-inspired video received almost 15 million views in just one day, and it’s now been watched more than 38 million times on YouTube.

Why do so many people love the video? It’s not just the catchy beat, Bruno’s dance moves or the fact that “Bodak Yellow” rapper Cardi B is insanely watchable. Instead, it’s that nostalgic vibe that has every ’90s kid hitting play on the song over and over.

That vibe was no accident. As Bruno Mars tweeted about the song (which is a track from his “24k Magic” album), he wanted the music video to feel like a throwback to one of his favorite television shows of all time, “In Living Color.”

And he definitely succeeded. The music video set is nearly identical to the set of Fox’s “In Living Color.” From the scenes where Bruno Mars is dancing on stage to the scenes where he and Cardi B are playing with buckets of colorful paint and “painting” the screen, it totally reminds you of the opening credits from that classic show.

The ’90s vibe doesn’t stop there. The dance moves are definitely a throwback, with Mars giving us some major boy-band moves. And the fashion is all ’90s too, with bright, neon colors, wild patterns and chunky, gold accessories. Other comparisons have been made to shows like “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and “Living Single,” with people saying that the video includes nods to the intros and styles of those beloved shows.

And, let’s just say, the video is giving some people allllll the feels. “Precious” actor Gabourey Sidibe even shared that the video made her tear up, saying:

While other people are saying that the video is the best cure for a bad day:

Even Snoop Dogg himself is vibin’ to this piece of pop perfection!

Now who’s in the mood to dance?