Buffalo snowmobile club gets essential workers to hospitals during blizzard

Members of a Buffalo, New York, snowmobile club were out around-the-clock during the blizzard, working to rescue people and get essential workers to their jobs.

The Northern Erie Sno-Seekers Snowmobile Club has heavy-duty equipment designed to shape trails for snowmobiles.

These “groomers” were one of the few things that were able to transport people through the storm.

From Friday evening through Saturday afternoon, members of the club rescued 41 people from Main Street in Clarence, including state troopers, ambulance workers, and a firefighter.

They also worked with the Newstead Fire Company, New York State Police, and the Newstead and Akron Highway Departments to pick up drivers and get them to plow trucks.

On Sunday, members brought nurses from the Clarence/Amherst area to Buffalo General Hospital, an emergency room doctor to Sister’s Hospital, and a Buffalo Police Department Officer to his police station.

Northern Erie Sno Seekers serves Erie, Niagara, and Genesee Counties and has 700 members.

By Katie Morse, WKBW.