Buffalo Wild Wings has 3 new flavors inspired by how customers mix sauces

Whether you’re drizzling or smothering—it’s hard to enjoy chicken wings without some kind of sauce and something to dip them in. The go-to is typically ranch dressing or bleu cheese, but if your tastes are a little more adventurous, you’re going to appreciate what Buffalo Wild Wings has come up with.

The restaurant chain’s latest menu additions, in honor of National Sauce Month, will likely surprise even its most daring fans. Buffalo Wild Wings compiled three new wing flavors, apparently inspired by the way customers “hack” its menu.

To introduce its new wing-sauce mash-ups, the company wrote on its website, “With over 1,000 possible menu combinations, B-Dubs fans have always enjoyed customizing their food. Here are a few of our favorite hacks, now available in-restaurant.”

Let’s meet these new flavors.

1. Vampire Slayer

All of this garlic will surely keep the vampires away! These wings are covered in the restaurant’s spicy garlic sauce and topped with a drizzle of parmesan garlic sauce. An emergency stick of gum would be advised if you try these while on a date.

Courtesy Buffalo Wild Wings

2. Dirty Bird

This is a clash of sweet and spicy flavors. The wings are coated in teriyaki sauce before being topped with cajun seasoning.

Courtesy Buffalo Wild Wings

3. El Loco

Nachos just got an upgrade because instead of chips as a base—these use chicken. The chicken is tossed in a chipotle barbecue dry rub and topped with queso, shredded lettuce, pico de gallo and jalapeños.

Courtesy Buffalo Wild Wings

B-Dubs Hackables are available for dine-in purchases and they look pretty amazing.

Wing Lovers React

As you can imagine, Buffalo Wild Wings fans who’ve been coming up with their own wing sauce combinations for years were thrilled to finally see items like these officially on the menu. People on Twitter were more than willing to taste-test these new flavors … you know, for “research” purposes:

And people are already coming up with ideas for new combinations.

Right now, Buffalo Wild Wings is asking employees nationwide to help them create the next flavor combinations, according to Spoon University. If you’ve got ideas, keep letting Buffalo Wild Wings know.

Fans are admiring the timing of this launch, considering March Madness is about to be underway. This certainly isn’t the first time they’ve gone above and beyond to coincide with a major sporting event, either. Remember gold glitter-sprinkled wings for the Winter Olympics?