Build-A-Bear now has a stuffed narwhal and it’s too adorable

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Build-A-Bear just released some adorable sea creatures to add to your kid’s stuffed animal collection. Now you can shop three different shark stuffed animals, but there’s also an adorable, more atypical option: the narwhal.

According to National Geographic, a narwhal is a porpoise that’s nicknamed the “unicorn of the sea” due to the sword-like tooth that is a noticeable trait of male narwhals. The tooth has no known function, which adds to the mystery of this animal. This video from National Geographic offers a glimpse at the real-life version of the narwhal:

In contrast, here’s the Build-A-Bear version:

Courtesy Build-A-Bear

I think I know which one I’d rather run into during a night swim!

The Build-A-Bear narwhal comes with a shimmering body and tusk, and will offer a healthy dose of sparkle to your life! This totally cute stuffed animal is $22 on its own, but, if you’re willing to drop a little more money on this toy, you can also add some fun accessories.

This tutu, for example, is pretty much a must-have in my opinion. Because seriously — have you ever sen anything more adorable?

Courtesy Build-A-Bear

The tutu will cost you an extra $8, so you can get the narwhal and the sparkly skirt for just $30. Totally worth it, if you ask us!

Three sharks were also included in the most recent launch at Build-A-Bear, but two of them have already sold out online. The Toothy Shark is the only one still currently up for grabs on the Build-A-Bear website, where it’s selling for $20.

Courtesy Build-A-Bear

And don’t forget, if you picked up the recent $15-off coupon Build-A-Bear was offering after its “Pay Your Age” sale went awry, you can get them for even cheaper.

If these shark and narwhal stuffed animals are like other recent additions to the Build-A-Bear collection — they won’t be around for long. So, act fast if you want to get them before they’re gone!

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