Build-A-Bear Now Has New Disney Aladdin Toys

If you have plans to see the new live-action adaptation of Disney’s “Aladdin” when it hits theaters on May 24, you might want to make a stop at Build-A-Bear first. The retailer has officially launched an entire collection inspired by the film that includes plush bears, gift sets, costumes and more!

Prices range from $60 for a fully-accessorized Aladdin-inspired bear gift set to $6 for a plush genie lamp. While some items are online exclusives, many can be found in stores too. If you ordera furry friend online, you can order it pre-stuffed or unstuffed and take it to your local Build-A-Bear to stuff it. That way, you (and your kids) won’t miss out on the fun of personalizing the toy.

Take a look at some of the adorable items included in the new Aladdin-inspired collection:

Disney Jasmine Inspired “A Whole New World” Bear Gift Set

This Jasmine-inspired bear gift set is $59. It features a blue plush bear with the flair of Agrabah’s princess. Jasmine’s costume and shoes are also included. Plus, the song “A Whole New World” is recorded on a sound chip and will play every time you or your little one gives Jasmine a hug. You can also just get the Jasmine bear for $25.50 or spring for a deluxe Jasmine gift set for $66 that includes everything above, plus a curly black wig.




If you don’t want a full-size bear, you can pick up Aladdin’s best friend and partner-in-crime, Abu, instead. Or you can simply add him to your collection because, really, Aladdin needs him! The mischievous and loyal monkey is $10.50 and available online and in stores. He is pre-stuffed and comes with his signature vest and hat.


Disney Aladdin Inspired Bear Gift Set

This Aladdin-inspired bear gift set is $49.50 and available online only. This Aladdin has soft brown fur and paw pads but looks pretty much like a normal bear until you add his fabulous costume and the genie lamp. The bear by itself costs $25.50. Or spring for the deluxe gift set, featuring everything in the gift set and Abu for $60.



Disney Genie Inspired Bear

Of course, you should also have Genie to grant your wishes! This Genie-inspired bear is $25.50 and available online and in stores. The Genie bear has dark blue fur with plush gold cuffs on his wrists, a gold earring, the character’s signature black beard and a black topknot in a gold band. You can also order a Genie costume for the bear and a Genie lamp to complete his look.


To see all the new furry friends and accessories inspired by Disney’s “Aladdin,” just visit Build-A-Bear’s website. Which bear is your favorite?