Build-A-Bear Releases Exclusive Star Wars-Themed Stuffed Animals For ‘May The 4th’ And We’re Psyched!

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“Star Wars: A New Hope” celebrates its 40th anniversary this year! Can you believe it? What better way to celebrate the birth of one of the best film series in history than with a cuddly new friend? This year, Build-A-Bear Workshop has an out-of-this-world lineup for its “May the 4th be with you” event. Get it? The Force is strong with this promotion, for sure!

Free Lightsaber With Purchase

Ok, first, Build-A-Bear has an exclusive offer for a free lightsaber accessory for your “Star Wars” bear with a $50 purchase. Just enter the code STARWARSDAY17 when you check out.

In honor of May the 4th day, Build-A-Bear has a wide variety of “Star Wars”-themed bears in their collection. Good luck trying to decide which one you want!

may the 4th

Get Your Own R2-D2!

A cuddly robot droid? You can get one at Build-A-Bear Workshop. Fans of the adorable R2-D2 can now get their own stuffed version with this online exclusive deal. And everyone knows that you can’t have this droid companion without his signature beeps. So, Build-A-Bear Workshop decided to include a sound chip so fans can enjoy the full R2-D2 experience!

may the 4th

A Build-A-Bear Boba Fett? Yes!

Sure, Boba Fett is a bad guy. But, he’s one of the most popular characters in the “Star Wars” universe. That’s why Build-A-Bear Workshop launched a limited edition Boba Fett bear! He comes complete with his signature armor and cape. You can order him online and stuff him in your local store. Or you can pick him up at the store directly. But, hurry, because he’s taking off on his next bounty hunt soon!

May the 4th


Light Side Battles Dark Side

Can’t decide between the light side and dark side? Build-A-Bear Workshop has a way for you to embrace both. The “Star Wars” Dark Side vs. Light Side Bear offers both choices. Just reverse the ears and paw pads to express how you feel on a particular day. Check it out in the video below!

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You can also choose from Kylo Ren, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, Poe Dameron, a stormtrooper and more on the Build-A-Bear “Star Wars” website. May the Force be with you and your new bear!