Build-A-Bear Now Has a Beautiful Unicorn Your Kids Will Be Obsessed With

Build-A-Bear is known for giving kids the chance to create memories they’ll cherish forever.

Combine that with the fact that they’re also the latest company to get in on the unicorn craze, and your kids are truly in for a treat!

You can now create fairy-themed unicorns and more at Build-A-Bear, so get ready for a more enchanted Build-A-Bear experience than ever before.

The latest Beary Fairy Friends collection features pastel-colored unicorns, bears, kitties and more that can be dressed up in princess attire.

For instance, kids can give their unicorn creation a wand and tulle skirt to make the stuffed animal even more magical.

Prices for a Make-Your-Own Unicorn or Fairy Bear range from $5 for accessories such as flower crowns and princess wands to $25.50 for a unicorn stuffed animal.

The more you customize your animal of choice, the more it costs — but also, the more unique it becomes.

Just imagine how excited your kids would be to take the unicorn from this:


To this:


This is honestly the perfect gift for fairy tale enthusiasts, whether they are young or old.

Even adults can’t deny the fact that they’d love the chance to personalize something as special as a fairy tale unicorn toy.

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Even More Unicorns

Need even more unicorns in your life?

Well, have we got news for you. You can buy a giant unicorn cake from Sam’s Club for just $70.

They also have giant multi-person unicorn pool float, which fits up to six people! It costs $150 — a worthwhile investment when you think about all of the summer fun you’ll have floating in style with your friends!

There’s also another way you can incorporate the mythical creature into kids’ bedtime routine.

Check out these adorable unicorn humidifiers for their bedrooms:


Ready to score some major points with your kids? Fill their rooms with unicorns, and you’ll achieve coolest parent ever status in no time!

Not only are these humidifiers super cute, but they’re also great for helping with sinuses and more come time to sleep.

Plus, they act as a nightlight so your kids never have to be afraid of the dark.

So, who’s ready to deck their kids’ rooms out in a fairy theme? The first step: Build-A-Unicorn.

[H/t Good Housekeeping]

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