You can build LEGO models of Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpieces

LEGO Guggenheim set

Prolific 20th century American architect Frank Lloyd Wright turned 150 this year. And to celebrate, LEGO created a new, miniature version of the Guggenheim Museum.

This landmark opened in New York City in 1959, shortly after the architect’s death. The Guggenheim broke the mold for contemporary museum design with its open, spiral ramp rotunda concept.

Now LEGO lovers can build a mini version of the famous museum with a new 740-piece Guggenheim model. It “focuses on the building’s smoothed concrete facade with its distinctive curves and lines,” and with its “famous ‘inverted-ziggurat’ rotunda and eight-story annex tower,” according to LEGO’s description.

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LEGO Architecture designer Rok Zgalin Kobe says the Guggenheim model is “the most organic model” in the Architecture series, a fitting mirror to Lloyd Wright’s own architectural style.

The miniature museum includes an eight-story tower added to the Guggenheim in 1990. The tower looks simple on the outside but is made of many complex pieces on the inside. There are also tiny yellow cabs driving past, and a painstaking imitation of the Guggenheim’s signature sign.

But the Frank Lloyd Wright fun doesn’t have to end with the Guggenheim model. There are also LEGO versions of Fallingwater, The Imperial Hotel of Tokyo and Robie House. Though as you can see, LEGO has retired many of these other Wright creations, meaning you have to pay $150 and up for a set. This could mean that the new Guggenheim model will soon be a collectors’ item, too.

You can always test out some of the more current sets in the LEGO Architecture series. These special edition sets include the U.S. Capitol Building, the Louvre, Buckingham Palace, the Eiffel Tower, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa tower and several cityscape sets.

What should you do with all those LEGO landmarks when you’re done building them? You can always break them down for repurposing or rebuilding. Just as Wright wanted the homes he designed to be lived in, LEGOs were meant to be built again and again.


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