Build A Lookalike Of Your Pet With These Lego-Like Brick Kits

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Building with plastic, interlocking bricks has been a popular pastime for kids and adults alike for decades. While we tend to think of Lego as the only brick in town (it is easily the most popular, long-standing brand), some specialty brands of interlocking brick systems are made with grownups in mind.

A company called Jekca bills itself as the “kidult” version of toy bricks. Its patented “brick-through technology,” as Jekca calls it, is designed for building models that will last and hold together longer. Two of the brand’s most popular collections are its dog and cat assortments. With dozens of breeds and colors to choose from, you could easily build a likeness of your furry best friend.

The available dog breeds cover everything from Akita Inu to Yorkshire Terrier. Some breeds come in different colors and patterns, such as French Bulldogs, which are available in black, black and white, creamy white, gray, light brown and white.  Similarly, cat breeds run the gamut from Abyssinian to Tonkinese, and there are feline colors ranging from calico to gray to even tabbies, as you can see in these photos on the brand’s Twitter profile.

“Meow,” tweeted Jekca. “Tabby Cats are available at JEKCA now, which one are you going to bring home?”

Several of the models come in an array of sizes and poses, as well. For instance, standing dachshunds are available in three colors and two sizes (one is about 7 inches tall and a foot long, while the other is slightly over a foot tall and slightly more than 2 feet long). Poses include standing, sitting, lying down and walking. Cats also come in smaller and larger sizes, with poses such as sitting, walking, stretching, pawing, and ready to pounce.

While the bricks are similar to Lego in appearance, they include a notable difference. The studs on the tops of the bricks are open and the kits include screws that lock the bricks together until and unless you unlock them, as you can see in this video.

Many of the brand’s dog and cat kits are available on Amazon, where you can buy sets starting at about $36. Alternatively, check out the Jekca website for even more brick kits. Categories include other animals, like birds, reptiles and dinosaurs; classic paintings such as the Mona Lisa; and even useful designs, such as pencil cups, phone stands and racks to organize remote controls.

Will you buy a pet look-alike to build and display?