Burger King Is Bringing Back Cini Minis

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Back in 1998, Burger King introduced miniature cinnamon rolls known as Cini Minis to its breakfast menu. Sadly, the Minis then disappeared in the 2000s. Now, however, the breakfast snacks are making a comeback. Customers can find the delicious items on the menu once again at the fast-food chain as of Nov. 29.

But hold on — before you get too excited about their triumphant return, you should know it’s not permanent. The rolls will only be available in a four-pack for $1.49 for a limited time while supplies last.

In addition, the return has a very 2018 twist: The menu item will be available through GrubHub delivery. That’s right! When you spend $10 or more on a Burger King order through the delivery service, you will have the option of adding a four-piece Cini Mini to your order for free.

So, if you live in an area where Burger King delivers through GrubHub, you don’t even have to leave your house to get your hands on this sweet indulgence. You can just have it all delivered right to your doorstep.

Take note that the Grubhub offer is currently only available in the 32 states that offer Burger King delivery, so you want to check to make sure that you’re eligible. I certainly see a little weekend brunch delivery in my future!

If you need a refresher on this throwback menu item, check out this 1998 commercial for Cini Minis on YouTube:


The return is a long time coming. There was actually a petition on Change.org to bring back the Cini Minis. Nearly 2,500 people have signed the petition since it was started three years ago.

“Cini-Minis were a large part of my childhood and Burger King chicken-stripped them away from me like the jesters they are,” wrote Brett Pickett, who started the petition. “Chicken fries aren’t even worth the comeback (nor price); I demand they bring Cini-Minis back so I can once again enjoy the sweet miniature cinnamon rolls of goodness.”

The people have spoken, and at least for now, it sounds like Burger King has granted their wish. And as you can see in the Twitter reactions, many are thrilled.

Taylor Fink celebrated the news online:

And so did Kaylee Woods:

How about you? Are you excited to give Cini Minis a try — whether for the first time in decades or the first time ever?

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