Burger King debuted playful new ‘social distancing crowns’

Twitter / Burger King

In order to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus, many of us have been social distancing. In addition to staying home, except when procuring essentials, this means keeping distance of at least 6 feet between ourselves and others. Determining what 6 feet actually looks like, however, can be challenging.

So some businesses have come up with clever ways to ensure that their customers remain 6 feet apart. A cafe in Germany, for example, is giving their customers hats made out of pool noodles in order to keep them honest.

In a similar fashion, Burger King has debuted its own headwear intended to function as a social distancing aid. At its restaurants in Germany, the fast-food chain has enlarged its signature cardboard paper crowns so that they’re big enough to keep those wearing them 6 feet apart from each other.

Check out the crowns in this tweet from the company, posted on May 22:

“Distancing, but make it fashion,” reads the cheeky caption above a photo of two people sporting the oversized crowns while chowing down on burgers.


In Italy, meanwhile, Burger King is selling a “Social Distancing” Whopper, which includes three times the amount of onions that are served on their traditional Whopper. The hope is that the resulting onion breath will keep everyone at least 6 feet away from you at all times.

Sam E. Goldberg tried one of the burgers for his YouTube series, “Respect the Chain,” and he says the burger definitely has the intended effect.

Check it out in the clip below:

“There is no doubt in my mind that after eating the Social Distancing Whopper that others will stay at least six feet away, maybe even 12 feet,” he told Mirror Online.

While Burger King does not yet have these novelty social distancing measures in place in its restaurants here in the States, I’m sure you can always ask for some extra onion on your Whopper!

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