Burger King’s cheesy tots are back for a limited time

Burger King has great news for fast-food fans who love cheese with their potatoes. Sure, the classic shoestring french fries are delicious, but something special happens when potatoes and cheese come together in a recipe.

And now, Burger King is bringing back this magical combination for a limited time with its crispy, savory Cheesy Tots. If you’ve never had Cheesy Tots, the menu description might be enough to get you in the car and heading to the closest Burger King.

“Melted cheesy potato bites covered in a crunchy breadcrumb coating,” reads the description. “Served hot and crispy with your order.” Here’s a mouthwatering photo of the cheesy tots from another limited released back in 2018:

Each order of Cheesy Tots comes with eight pieces to enjoy. You can expect to pay about $2 per order of Cheesy Tots, though the price will depend on your location.

The fried, cheesy bites have been off the menu for a while, and they have amassed a highly enthusiastic fan following. How much do people love these Cheesy Tots? There is an actual Facebook page where people not only share their love of Cheesy Tots but also send out alerts about the item’s availability.

Members of the “Bring Back the Cheesy Tots from Burger King” Facebook page got their first indication that the tots would be returning to Burger King menus back in January. Apparently, one of the group members works at a Burger King location in Ohio and dropped the hint to his fellow group members, as you can see in his post to the Facebook group on Jan. 25.

Fast-forward to late February when an overjoyed fan in Pennsylvania shared photographic proof of the Cheesy Tots’ return to Burger King.

“I’m so excited!!” posted Christin Snyder on Facebook. “They’re back in PA!”

There’s no word on how long the Cheesy Tots will remain on Burger King’s menu this time around. So, you if want to satisfy that cheesy potato craving, you might want to grab some before they disappear again.


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