You Can Eat Burger King’s Green ‘Nightmare King’ Burger Soon

Just in time for Halloween, Burger King says it has a new way to “feed your nightmares” — which means you’ll leave the fast food joint with your love of fright and your appetite completely satisfied.

BK has released few details — the more anticipation, the scarier! — but the company did release a trailer announcing that “the Nightmare King” is coming. The burger is dropping at participating Burger King locations on Oct. 22.

This video from Burger King’s Facebook page offers an idea of what we’re in for:

Based on the brief glimpse given in the video, the burger seems to feature both chicken and a beef patty along with bacon, cheese and onions, topped off with a green bun.

It’s … interesting, to say the least!

Reactions to the burger have certainly been mixed.

Some people on Twitter seem to be genuinely scared by the thought of trying this, which probably wasn’t exactly what Burger King was going for. This GIF from Twitter user @prettyplumies sums it up nicely:

Some fear it may be a nightmare — for your stomach. BuzzFeed tweeted that this was “guaranteed to keep you up at night,” and Twitter user @kae_done had the best response: “Looks like with indigestion”:

But, then, there are also die-hard Burger King fans who are more than ready to give this a try. Twitter user @ChicnPink wrote, “Running to BK!”:

There’s no information about exactly how long this Halloween hamburger will be available, but since it’s so seasonal, we have a feeling it will only be around for a very limited time. So if you’re curious to find out whether a burger can cause nightmares, you’ll want to stop by a participating location on Oct. 22.

This burger isn’t the only spooky menu item available from Burger King. For a limited time the chain is also selling a Frozen Fanta Scary Black Cherry drink that’s perfect for embracing your dark side this season:

Burger King

And another BK favorite is back for a limited time — cheesy tots are here again:

Burger King

So, if you do stop by to try out “the Nightmare King,” you’ll know exactly what else to add to your order.