10 Burning Questions Our Favorite Disney Movies Never Answer

You’ve watched your favorite Disney movies more times than you can count, yet you probably still have some questions that remain unanswered. Here are ten burning questions that linger for us no matter how many times we watch these animated classics.

1. What happened to all the parents?

Why in Disney movie after Disney movie are one or more of the main character’s parents dead? Sure, it leads to fewer character storylines to deal with and more independence and chance for adventure—but it’s also very sad for the protagonist (and leaves parents with a lot of explaining to do!).

2. Are Simba and Nala half-siblings?

The pride wasn’t that big. What are the chances that Mufasa fathered both of them? Either way, we think they’re adorable.

3. Why was a child cursed in “Beauty and the Beast”?

Much speculation has been made that in order for Beast to be turning 21 and a decade to have passed since the curse was placed on him and the castle, he had to have been 11 when cursed. Seems pretty cruel to judge the maturity of a pre-teen that harshly.

And for that matter, why for most of the movie do the villagers have no idea there is a gigantic, cursed castle within a few miles of their village?

4. Also, if all of the servants are now household objects, is that room in the West Wing that’s full of broken items really full of dead servants?

Gasp! Think of the cleanup once the curse is broken.

5. What are the seven dwarfs doing with all those jewels?

We know, we know, “It’s off to work we go.” But the seven dwarfs in “Snow White” don’t seem to be profiting from those jewels they’re mining. Just look at their clothes and house. So what are they doing with them? As the dwarfs themselves admit in song, “We don’t know what we dig them for.” Well, we’re still wondering.

6. Why didn’t Cinderella’s glass slipper disappear like everything else?

Shouldn’t her slippers have disappeared or been changed back into ordinary form at the stroke of midnight?

cinderella glass slipper photo
Getty Images | Ben A. Pruchnie

7. In “101 Dalmatians,” why was Anita friends with Cruella de Vil?

We know they were schoolmates, but how did they ever become friends? Anita is a lovely person while Cruella is obsessed with making coats out of puppies!


8. Why does the clock in the crocodile never stop ticking?

Shouldn’t that thing have wound down or started to rust inside the croc’s belly?

9. If Prince John in “Robin Hood” is a lion, then why doesn’t he have a mane?

The villain of the 1973 cartoon instead resembles a female lion. This might be because the original plan was for John to be a tiger, not a lion.

And the eternal stumper…

10. If Disney princesses were real, how would all of their internal organs fit in their tiny bodies?

Also they should be wearing sunglasses all the time to protect their gigantic pupils!


By the way, we love that Moana was given a more realistic, healthy look in Disney’s latest animated film.