Win Free Beer For A Year By Finding These Medallions Hidden In National Forests

Busch Beer is giving beer lovers and nature lovers the chance of a lifetime. The brand is offering you the opportunity to go on a scavenger hunt in the woods — and the ultimate prize? Free beer for an entire year.

Busch teamed up with the National Forest Foundation and, as part of the partnership, planted six medallions in different National Forest locations. One of those six medallions offers the winning prize of free beer for a year or the cash equivalent in some states. It’s similar to finding the “golden ticket” to visit Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, but it’s the 21-and-older version.

The scavenger hunt officially began on Sept. 25 when Busch started tweeting clues on its Twitter account. The beer maker released coordinates of where the medallions could be found — but of course, didn’t give away which set of coordinates held the winning medallion.

As of Sept. 27, four of the six medallions that were planted had been found. They were scattered in New York, Missouri, Nevada and Nebraska, according to Twitter. So there are still two chances to win!

To find out if you’ve won the grand prize after finding a medallion, you have to take a picture of the front and back of the medallion along with a photo of your driver’s license and email all that to [email protected] before Nov. 14.

Even if you aren’t able to ditch all of your responsibilities and go on a woodland scavenger hunt, you can still support the National Forest Foundation. Every specially marked Outdoors case of Busch Beer you buy until Dec. 31 will help Busch and the foundation plant more trees, as a portion of the proceeds from the sales go directly to the National Forest Foundation. You won’t be able to miss these special cases at the store, as you can see below they are pretty eye catching!

Courtesy Busch

So, lace up your hiking boots if you’re interested in a year’s worth of free beer. Or just buy a case of Busch if you want to help America’s forests thrive. Sounds like a win-win to me.

Drink To The Earth

If you’re interested in other beers that work to help the environment, there are plenty of brands that make that part of their identity.

The philanthropic-minded 10 Barrel Brewing Co., which is also owned by Anheuser-Busch, chooses a different charity to raise money for each month. The company has worked with the Oregon Humane Society, Outdoor Alliance Colorado and other groups over the years.

Florida-based SaltWater Brewery ditched plastic rings to hold its beer cans and uses biodegradable, edible rings instead, meaning that rather than harming marine life, these rings can actually feed it.

10 barrel photo
Flickr | twd3lr

These are just a few of the ways that your love of drinking could help a good cause. Cheers for charity!