Butterbeer Marshmallows Exist—For All You Muggles Out There

XO Marshmallow

Butterbeer is Harry Potter’s drink of choice. But you don’t actually have to be a wizard to get your hands on this mythical brew. Many fans invented recipes to recreate the butterscotch-flavored beverage from the book series. And if you found any of those delightful, then you’ll love this news.

Butterbeer marshmallows now exist!  Now you can add a little bit of mythical flavor to each and every mug of hot cocoa you drink this season.

Thanks to XO Marshmallow, these butterscotch-flavored treats will be available for a limited time.

According to the website, Butterbeer marshmallows are the flavor of the month and will only be up for grabs until the end of September.

So, if you want to get your muggle hands on these marshmallows then you’ve got to act quickly.

XO Marshmallow

You can get 12 marshmallows for just $7.95.

The company describes the flavor as a butterscotch and cream soda hybrid on the XO Marshmallow website. They’ve taken their original homemade marshmallow and added a homemade Butterbeer sauce swirl. Mmm, this sounds absolutely magical!

XO Marshmallow

The brand, of course, recommends using these in hot chocolate. But it also points out that they’re great on their own or even in s’mores. Really, no matter how you choose to enjoy these, there’s no going wrong.

More Harry Potter recipes

In case you’re looking for other ways to get the taste of Butterbeer in your life, you can conjure up quite a few ways you can do so.

You can easily find recipes for Butterbeer milkshakes (see recipe below) and more online. And we’ve gotta say, the marshmallows would make a great addition to any of these treats!

And if you happen to be in the mood for even more “Harry Potter”-themed treats, you can also check out this recipe for toffee apples that are shaped like the Golden Snitch. This will be perfect for Halloween!

So many “Harry Potter” goodies, so little time. But, the marshmallows really won’t stick around for long. Make sure to get a dozen or two before they disappear!


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