You can buy a 51,300-piece puzzle on Amazon


If virtual puzzles just aren’t cutting it but it looks like you’re still going to be spending most of your time staying home, how about a real jigsaw puzzle that is guaranteed to keep you busy for hours, days or maybe even weeks on end?

Kodak’s World’s Largest Puzzle costs $409.99 and is now available on Amazon. Is it truly the biggest jigsaw puzzle in the world, as it says?

It may very well be, considering that Ravensburger claims to have the current Guinness Book of World Records record-holder for the largest commercially-available puzzle in the world — but that puzzle, called “Memorable Disney Moments,” boasts only 40,320 pieces. (The Ravensburger puzzle appears to be out of stock at most places, but you can still find it online — it costs $1,149 at Lit Treasures).

Kodak’s “World’s Largest Puzzle”

The puzzle probably won’t fit on your dining room table, so make sure you have adequate space before you consider purchasing it. This giant Kodak product has a total of 51,300 pieces  — yes, you read that right, 51 thousand pieces — and measures approximately 28.5 feet by 6.25 feet when finished.

If this seems overwhelming, consider that the puzzle is actually a collection of 27 separately-packaged puzzle images. Each individual puzzle has 1,900 pieces and measures 39 inches by 24 inches when completed.


Travel The World From Home—With A Puzzle

The puzzle is named “27 Wonders from Around the World,” and with good reason. Every individual part of the giant puzzle began as a photo taken by a professional photographer. The pictures have been digitally enhanced and printed in high quality to create parts of the whole. The photos include scenes such as the New York City skyline, the Colosseum in Italy and Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany.

An image reference poster is included with the puzzle package. After you have put all 27 individual puzzles together, they will interlock, resulting in one enormous puzzle.

You might choose one to start on together as a family or work on each one independently and put them together when you are finished. You could even safely drop individual puzzles on the doorsteps of family and friends to work on separately yet together. When you are able to get together again, you can complete the project.


According to Kodak’s product description, the massive puzzle has an MSRP of nearly $599.95, so the Amazon price is a pretty steep discount. Get it here and get piecing!

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