You can buy a miniature replica of your home made from Legos

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They say a photo is worth a thousand words, but sometimes a photo isn’t quite enough to properly capture a place or memory. (It is rather two-dimensional, after all.) If that’s how you feel about your home sweet home, you’re in luck. There is an extra special way you can commemorate your dwelling, or a place near and dear to a loved one’s heart.

Little Brick Lane, a seller on Etsy, makes it all possible. Shari Austrian’s shop specializes in incredible custom miniature replicas of your home. Each one is painstakingly snapped together with Lego bricks.

However, you have to really love your home, because these replicas may be small — but the price tag that comes along with them sure isn’t. These are investment pieces, and not toys to add to the basement for your kids to take apart.

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The cost varies with the size of your home. You can estimate the price; it’s about $1.40 per square foot in your home or $2,800 and up. A replica of a 3,000-square-foot home would set you back about $4,200. Yep, that’s some serious sticker shock. But these handmade mini houses are just so darn cute!

Additionally, you have the option of choosing to represent just your house’s exterior or add interior details. If you opt for showing the inside, too, the price increases to $1.90 per square foot or $3,800 and up.

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And to be fair, a lot of hard work goes into creating each one. Austrian uses blueprints and photographs to build the custom home models available with both exterior and interior details using brand new, authentic Lego bricks. The building process takes 10–12 weeks. The result is a 25–35-pound replica you can cherish forever. She has an uncanny ability to create the spitting image of your home in tiny plastic bricks.

If you go to the LittleBrickLane Etsy shop, you can see both Austrian’s listings for purchase and recent projects she has created for her customers. This includes different views and architectural plans she has drawn up to make the project possible.

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They match your home’s exterior and interior with impressive detail. Just imagine your kitchen or bedroom in Lego form, and admit you’re tempted to order one. And, based on the rave reviews, it seems there are a lot of happy Little Brick Lane customers.

“She was so invested in making its unveiling a memorable experience,” a recent review from an Etsy user named Michael read. “She is just one of those very special people that wanted her customer experience to be extraordinary, and it was!”

What do you think? Would you splurge a bit on a customized Lego house?

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