You can buy an Advent calendar with 24 days of cheese

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Advent calendars have come a long way since I was a child. What used to just be a small piece of chocolate behind each window could now be anything, from socks to whiskey and this year — even cheese!

The 24-day Cheese Advent Calendar by Ilchester is available a Sam’s Club this holiday season for $16.98. It comes with 24 different kinds of cheese — including Jarlsberg, Ilchester and applewood — all paired with a “cheesy” joke to give you some laughs all throughout the season.

Sam's Club

And what would pair better with a daily slice of cheese better than yet another Advent calendar from Sam’s Club, the ‘Ugly Sweater’ wine Advent calendar? The wine calendar includes 12 different 187-milliliter bottles of wine, each one labeled with a fun, wine-inspired ugly holiday sweater.

If you don’t have a Sam’s Club membership, you can find the same Ilchester cheese calendar at other retailers nationwide, including Target, but it will cost you $24.99 instead. Aldi also has a 24-day cheese calendar for $14.99, which would go nicely with their own 24-day wine calendar, which is $69.99.


There are a variety of other food-related Advent calendars this year as well, like this Advent calendar cookie box from Cheryl’s Cookies. Each box includes 12 cookies, one for each day from Dec. 13-24. For $29.99, you’ll get six frosted cut-out cookies, plus sugar cookies, Snickerdoodle and chocolate chip.

Cheryl's Cookies

Coffee fans, on the other hand, would likely enjoy this 12 Days of Pour Over Advent calendar from Copper Cow Coffee, which comes with multiple flavors of coffee, from pumpkin spice to lavender and peppermint, plus 12 creamers, for $69. Each coffee makes one cup, and all you need to do is put it in a mug and add hot water, like you would a teabag.

Copper Cow Coffee

Of course, there are also non-food calendars, like a “Friends” Advent calendar for someone in your life who can’t get enough of the ’90s sitcom. You’ll also find a 12 Days of Christmas box from Bad Habit Boutique, which is full of multiple items in a variety of styles, like a hat, scarf, gloves, leggings, jewelry and beauty items.

Bad Habit Boutique

You can also make your own Advent calendars so you can countdown with your very favorite things!

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