You can soon buy Baby Shark mac and cheese at Walmart for just 50 cents


By now, even if you don’t have kids, there’s no doubt you’ve heard of (and maybe even know the words to) “Baby Shark”. If you’re somehow unfamiliar, the phenomenon started as a fun children’s song — but has become so popular in just a few years that it has led to a whole list of available licensed products, like singing toys, bedding and a baby walker.

There was even a special Baby Shark cereal last summer and you can buy a Baby Shark toothbrush that actually sings, so your kids can enjoy their favorite song in the morning.

And now, you can add lunch and dinner to the times of day you can enjoy everyone’s favorite shark. That’s thanks to brand new Baby Shark macaroni and cheese, which is set to hit store shelves soon.


The new macaroni and cheese product will be available exclusively at Walmart stores beginning the week of July 27 for just 50 cents per box.

It includes pasta shaped like Baby Shark and his family and friends, which your kids will surely recognize from the song. The box also includes a maze on the back that can keep kids busy while you cook their meal.


Although it’s been around since 2015, “Baby Shark” does not seem to dwindling in popularity. Not only does Walmart have an entire section on its website dedicated to the song and its characters, but you’ll find toys and other goodies pretty much everywhere, including Amazon.

Nickelodeon will even start airing a new “Baby Shark” TV show soon, so brace yourselves for even more of this kid-friendly and colorful creature. “Baby Shark’s Big Show!” debuts in December with a holiday special, and then returns in spring 2021 with new episodes.

Pinkfong, the company behind Baby Shark, also recently released a newer — and timely — version of the song to include steps on washing your hands. Instead of singing “Happy Birthday” for 20 seconds, kids (and adults, let’s be honest) can now sing “wash your hands,” than “grab some soap,” followed by “rub your hands” and “rinse your hands.” Finally, of course, you “dry your hands.” The song finishes with some health safety tips and urges viewers, “Let’s stay healthy” (do-do do do do).

Do you have any Baby Shark fans in your house?

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