These Baby Shark shoes for kids are so adorable

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I know, I know. Every time I post about a new Baby Shark item, it’s already sold out. Don’t blame me! These things go instantly!

This time, however, I’m going to share something that’s — gasp! — still available for purchase. How long the seller will be able to keep up with demand, though … that’s a whole other question.

The most recent piece of Baby Shark merchandise doesn’t come from one of the big box stores that stock lots of inventory. Nope. These latest items — multiple designs of Baby Shark sneakers for little kids — are from Etsy seller 818 Vinyl Creations. We suspect that once more and more people catch a glimpse of these adorable kicks, they’ll be overwhelmed with orders.

Here are just some of the designs the shop currently has on offer:

Baby Pink Shark Custom Kids Vans

These tiny Vans are emblazoned with the pink Baby Shark above the toes, though the other sharks are hanging around elsewhere on the shoe. In fact, the whole family is clustered together back by the heel. And though the sneaker has the words “Baby Shark” printed on it, some customers have opted to get their child’s name printed on there instead.

The shoe is available starting at a kids’ size 5 and going up to a youth size 3. Depending upon which size you get, you can grab a pair for $70–$90 while they last.

Etsy / 818VinylCreations

Custom Underwater Baby Shark Kids Vans

These sneaks — available as either lace-ups or slip-ons — are blue and bubbly to look like the bottom of the ocean. You’ll find the entire shark family swimming around on there. As with the other pair, these are available from a kids’ size 5 to a youth size 3, and cost $70–$90.

Etsy / 818VinylCreations

Yellow Baby Shark Shoes

Also available with either laces or as slip-ons, these sneaks have two cheerful, yellow-and-pink patterns as the backdrop to the yellow baby shark and her shenanigans. Sizes for this pair start at 4 for babies and go to youth size 3. Prices start at $70 and go up to $90.

Etsy / 818VinylCreations

These aren’t even the only designs available! Check out the entire inventory of the 818 Vinyl Creations shop to see more.

Baby Shark Halloween

That’s not the only Baby Shark apparel you can buy: Amazon is selling “Baby Shark” costumes for Halloween. These Baby Shark costumes include audio chips in them that play the beloved viral children’s song. The sound chip has a two-hour battery life, so you can listen to the song for awhile.

The pink shark costume is the “mommy shark” from the song, and it’s made for the little ones. It comes in three sizes: infant, toddler (3–4T) and small (4–6 child). It costs $21.95–$29.95 depending on the size.

The yellow shark costume for kids is the “baby shark” and comes in the same sizes. It costs $21.95-$36.99. There’s also a blue shark costume for children that is the “daddy shark” from the song. It’s priced at $26.99.


The adult versions of the Baby Shark Halloween costumes are more expensive.

The “baby shark” adult costume (yellow) is $31.95 and the pink “mommy shark” and blue “daddy shark” adult costumes are $31.54. Maybe you and your friends could be a whole school of sharks this Halloween?


One thing to be aware of with these costumes is the shipping — it appears these costumes won’t get delivered right away. Allow yourself plenty of time if you’re ordering these.


Another thing to watch for is sizing. They aren’t sized like regular apparel, so Amazon has included a size chart with the product listing.

The costumes are 100% polyester and pull-on — no zips or buttons are involved. They are officially licensed Baby Shark items, so you’ll see a logo that guarantees authenticity.


Let us know if you “do do do-do do-do” get these adorable costumes!