Swaddle your baby in a creepy-cute bat blanket for Halloween

Ankle Biters Kids

Baby’s first Halloween is so much fun for new parents and even for the little one! There are many different ways to dress up your bundle of joy for the spookiest night of the year, but Halloween fun doesn’t have to be just for one day, right? Babies love to be cuddled, and one website has an item that is just perfect for the Halloween season: a baby bat swaddle blanket.

We admit to a raised eyebrow at the thought of dressing a sweet baby like a creepy bat, but one look at this blanket from Ankle Biters Kids turned us from skeptics into believers.

Ankle Biters Kids

That is one bat that we wouldn’t mind being nibbled on by!

The baby bat swaddle blanket is made with a 100% cotton grey fabric interior and a 100% polyester polar fleece exterior to keep your little one warm and cozy. It was listed on sale for $35, down from a normal price of $50, when we checked.

Our favorite thing about this blanket is the wings that can spread out majestically when the baby has floor time. Or, if it’s cuddle time, the wings wrap around the body snugly like a hug! There are two black snaps on the outside of the wing and one on the inside to keep the baby’s arms from wiggling around.

Ankle Biters Kids

Whether you have a preemie or a child who has grown well past the newborn stage, you can find the right size for your baby bat. Little Ankle Biters has sizes that fit babies from 3 pounds (preemie) all the way up to 14 pounds (age 6 to 9 months). They recommend you order a size up to account for the time it takes to get the order prepared and sent your way.

If you’re looking for something custom sized, that is possible, too. Simply reach out to the shop owners on their contact page at your convenience.

Ankle Biters Kids

Currently, these baby bat swaddling blankets are flying off the shelves so quickly that there is a waiting list to order one. To get on the list, simply visit the product page and scroll down to the part that reads, “Email me when available,” to sign up for a restock notification.

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