You can buy a Cheez-It cake for the brand’s 100th birthday

Every big birthday deserves an amazing cake. For Cheez-It, which turns 100 this year, that means a cake stuffed full of its signature orange cracker.

The Cheez-Itennial cake contains an entire box of Cheez-It crackers, incorporating Cheez-It flour into the batter to create layers of Cheez-It flour cake and featuring Cheez-It shortbread crumble and caramel swirl. It’s iced in a bright red frosting mimicking the red Cheez-It box and flavored with Strawberry Nesquick. The entire cake is topped with chocolate-coated Cheez-Its, frosting swirls, and the number “100” written in icing and Cheez-It shapes.


The cake’s creator is “Top Chef” winner Stephanie Izard. The Chicago-based chef is known for her whimsical, surprising flavor combinations and loves Cheez-Its, which the Cheez-It brand said in a press release made her “the perfect partner to help us bring this absurdly satisfying creation to life.”

Izard’s own wedding cake incorporated Cheez-Its and her Sugargoat bakery sells a Cheeze-It Crunch cake and cupcake plus Strawberry Nesquick ice cream.

“Everything I love about Cheez-It, baked into a #CHEEZITENNIAL Cake… a crunchy, cheesy, salty-but-sweet, and every-bite-is-surprising kind of cake,” Izard wrote in her social media posts about the cake’s debut.

She also told Food & Wine, “We tried to celebrate the saltiness and crunch of Cheez-It while adding in components to create a delicious, moist cake. I love desserts that play up the saltiness to keep them from becoming overly sweet.”

If you’re wondering how Cheez-Its work in a cake, YouTube vlogger Emmymade did a live taste test, and thought it was “pretty pleasant.” She found that a salty-sweet caramel flavor dominated the cheese factor and that she liked the inside more than the frosting.

To get your own Cheez-Itennial Cake, there are a limited number of them available on Goldbelly each day between May 17-20 starting at 12 p.m. EST. The birthday cake costs $49 and ships free (unless you live in Alaska or Hawaii where it’ll ship for an additional $20-35).

Kellogg Company

And if you can’t snag one of those, Izard plans to release a recipe for a “Cheez-It Yourself Caramel Crumble Cake” that anyone can make at home.

Dayton, Ohio’s Green & Green Company created the first Cheez-It crackers in 1921. Over time, the brand was sold to Sunshine Foods, Keebler and finally Kellogg.

Would you try this Cheez-It-centered dessert?