All Of The Pieces In This Challenging Jigsaw Puzzle Are Completely Clear

Wow! Could you tackle this puzzle?

It can feel impossible to fill all of the hours in the day when you’re social distancing. There are no more in-person choir rehearsals or yoga classes. There are no more Girl Scout meetings or dance classes. Playdates are a thing of the past, and forget meeting friends for drinks. So what is one to do when the hours stretch out before you and sanity hangs by a thread?

I’ve been going for long walks, listening to dance music through my headphones. Online, I teach virtual yoga classes, participate in virtual readings and attend virtual happy hours. When I’m not guiding my 5-year-old through her classwork, we paint rocks and sticks and draw rainbows and sunshine and messages of hope on our driveway with sidewalk chalk.

Others are going back to basics and, whether with family or alone, are challenging themselves to put together ever-more-complex puzzles.

Never before have I seen so many puzzles in my Instagram and Twitter feeds.

But if they really want a challenge, maybe they should try this clear jigsaw puzzle being sold by Etsy seller LittleFlowerPotShop:

Etsy / LittleFlowerPotShop

Described as the “Impossibly difficult CLEAR jigsaw puzzle for adults,” this clear acrylic puzzle comes in multiple sizes “based on the level of intensity you’re willing to endure.” Each completed puzzle ends up as a 6-inch-by-6-inch square, but the more difficult versions have a larger number of ever tinier pieces.

And as if that weren’t enough to make your head explode, there is no indication of which side of each piece is supposed to be facing up. Whaaaaaat???

According to the product description, there are no repeated pieces and there is only one correct solution for each puzzle.

Etsy / LittleFlowerPotShop

I assume that if I were to attempt this challenge, it would take me the rest of my life to complete. And in fact, one commenter wrote, “I only have 2 pieces together so far, but I’m loving this! Such a great idea and so well made. Great seller! I’m buying more as gifts.”

If I were to receive this as a gift, I would assume the giver had it out for me.

Then again, could this possibly be as therapeutic as painting rocks with my 5-year-old?

At the moment, the shop is sold out, but you can be added to the waitlist for June.

Are you up to the challenge?