You’ll soon be able to buy dill pickle-flavored hard seltzer

There’s no denying that pickles are having a moment. Or, rather, they’ve had lots and lots of moments. In the last few years, dill pickle fans have been able to get their hands on everything from pickle-flavored lip balm to pickle split ice cream sundaes.

And now, there’s a new refreshing treat made just for adult pickle-lovers and it’s launching soon: Afternoon Dillight Hard Pickle Seltzer. The brands BrüMate and Crook & Marker have teamed up to create a line of limited-edition hard seltzers, with dill pickle being the first flavor in the series.

BrüMate actually teased a Hard Pickle Seltzer on April Fool’s Day in 2020 as a joke, but after receiving more than 10,000 e-mail sign-ups in just 24 hours, they realized there was actually a demand for a pickle-flavored hard seltzer, and they tapped Crook & Marker to make it happen.

Crook & Marker

The Afternoon Dillight Hard Pickle Seltzer has 5% alcohol by volume, 100 calories and zero sugar. As the name suggests, it features a savory dill pickle flavor with every sip.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to buy it in stores. Crook & Marker will release only 10,000 12-packs this summer and the brand isn’t revealing the date of the drink’s release. To make sure you can get your hands on some, you’ll need to join the VIPickle list on their website and follow the brand on social media for more details on the surprise drop.

Crook & Marker

If you aren’t able to score some of this hard seltzer, you can make your own pickle-flavored martini instead. This dill pickle vodka martini takes a little work, as you’ll have to infuse your own vodka, but if you really like pickles, it sounds like it’s worth it.

The process requires steeping fresh dill, cucumbers, garlic, whole black peppercorn and mustard seeds in vodka for seven days. After that, you’ll simply mix the infused vodka with dry vermouth and pickle juice. Of course, you can also garnish with pickles or pickle slices.

If beer is more your thing, you can even put a pickle in cheap light beer to make it taste better overall and give it a bit of a pickle flavor. It’s much easier than the martini, as all you do is plop a pickle in your beer glass and let it sit for a few minutes before drinking.

Kaitlin Gates

Will you try to get your hands on some Afternoon Dillight Hard Pickle Seltzer?


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