You can now buy dill pickle-flavored vodka

Flavored vodka has long been available in sweet flavors like citrus, strawberry lemonade, and even chocolate whipped cream.

However, it has finally dawned on vodka makers to explore more savory flavors, which is why pickle-flavored vodka is now kind of a big dill … er, deal.

All Pickle, All The Time

Leave it to the geniuses over at Chilled Dills, a company that exclusively sells pickle-flavored vodka, to come up with this.

They “combined the crisp flavor of a dill pickle with an ultra-premium vodka” to create their signature pickle vodka.

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They’re not the only ones jumping on the pickle train, either.

Sazerac Co. and Canadian distilleries like Urban DistilleriesLucky Bastard Distillery and Last Mountain Distillery also produce their own dill pickle vodkas, which seem to be targeted at people who love slurping down the leftover juice at the bottom of a pickle jar.

How To Drink Dill Pickle Vodka

You can drink dill pickle vodka on the rocks, as a pickleback shot or as the main ingredient in a dirty pickle-infused martini (a “pickletini,” if you will).

However, if you don’t mind breaking out your cocktail shaker, there are plenty of other creative ways to get your pickle fix in a drink form.

Can we interest you in a pickled Bloody Mary? Or perhaps a chilled pickle mojito? This recipe for a “dill rita,” a pickle-vodka take on a typical margarita, also looks refreshing and delicious.

No matter how you drink it, a pickle vodka cocktail might just be the perfect thing to break out when you’re making dinner. It pairs with anything a normal vodka cocktail would—like wild mushroom empanadas, grilled shrimp and pineapple skewers or even a juicy burger!

Where To Buy Pickle Vodka

Chilled Dills pickle vodka can be purchased online and at select retail locations in the U.S. for $19.99. Lucky Bastard‘s version of pickle vodka is available on their website for about $28.

And Urban Distilleries sells its pickle-infused vodka online for about $43.

Pickle-flavored vodka can be a tad more expensive than the typical bottle of the plain stuff that you might buy at a liquor store, but if you’re a true pickle-lover, the extra few dollars will be money well spent!

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You can, of course, try making your own pickle-infused vodka at home, too! It’s not as difficult as it looks, according to Foodie Crush.