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These Machines Peel Fruit In A Snap And Are Fun To Watch In The Process

They can peel 3 fruits or vegetables in 1 minute!

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If you’ve ever made fruit salad or shelled beans for a crowd, then you know just how time-consuming all of the peeling, cutting and shelling can be — all to reveal the food that’s going to be gobbled up in a matter of moments. All that food prep is enough to make you throw up your hands in defeat and throw some frozen apps in the oven.

Well, not anymore! These cool Pelamatic peeling machines make it a breeze to peel fruit, crack nuts and more. Pelamatic sells industry-grade machines as well as peelers for home kitchens.

Take a look at how the Pelamatic machines work:

Have you ever seen an orange peeled so quickly? The machine can blast through three fruits or vegetables per minute.

And those bean pods were shelled in a matter of seconds! That machine can strip 30 beans in one minute, according to the product description.

These gadgets are available on Amazon and range from $104.99 to $130, depending on whether you’re purchasing one for peeling fruits or opening nuts or veggies.


Those who have tried and reviewed this product say it’s changed their food-prep methods for the better.

“This peeler has saved me tons of time and effort in making mashed potatoes for a crowd, and processing bushels of apples for applesauce. And it works really fast. It can peel three dozen (36) medium to large apples in under eight minutes,” one satisfied customer wrote on Amazon.

Ready to get one of these in your kitchen? Let the rapid peeling begin!