You can buy pickle juice by the GALLON on Amazon

pickle juice gallons

There are two types of people in this world: The type who hear “a gallon of pickle juice” and think, “What would I ever do with that much pickle juice?” and those who think, “Ooh! I’d better order two!”

No matter which type of person you consider yourself to be, you may be surprised to learn that you can actually buy pickle juice by the gallon on Amazon. Yes, that’s right — a GALLON of pickle juice. And, as it turns out, there are actually quite a few ways to use pickle juice, so you may want to stock up!

Sure, an entire gallon of this stuff may seem excessive, but hear us out. From making homemade pickled vegetables to killing weeds, you can find a lot of uses for pickle juice around the house. So, even if you’re not looking forward to sipping pickle juice straight, adding it to cocktails or making fried chicken with it, you’ll still manage to find many clever ways to use it.

There are several brands of pickle juice for sale online but Best Maid Pickles have the best prices. The company sells the juice on its website for $8.49 a gallon. But if you’ve found yourself in some sort of pickle juice emergency, and need a gallon quickly, you can also find it on Amazon (yes, it’s Prime-eligible) for $14.67.

pickle juice gallon

The product description advertises pickle juice as great for “snow cones or drinking right out of the bottle.” But if you’re not interested in those options, we’ve got a few more ideas for you:

1. Brining Meat

Chick-fil-A reportedly uses pickle juice to help give their chicken its delicious flavor, and if they can do it — so can you! Here’s how:

2. Polishing Metal

Swapping vinegar for pickle juice and mixing it with baking soda can create a great cleaning solvent for metals and more. See how it gives this old tool a much shinier finish:

3. Spiking Your Bloody Mary

Adding pickle juice to your bloody mary can give a nice salty flavor to this spicy brunch cocktail:

4. Killing Weeds

According to the One Good Thing By Jillee blog, the vinegar and salt content in pickle juice makes it a great natural weed killer.


5. Making Salad Dressing

The Sinful Nutrition blog points out that pickle juice will add a nice salt and vinegar component to salad dressing, which makes perfect sense, honestly. Check out their yummy recipe for the full details.

Sinful Nutrition

Who knew there were so many uses for that salty pickle juice? Maybe they’re onto something selling it by the gallon!


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